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The Guild has been growing a lot in the past few years. There's a lot of us that are active almost daily in the guild, but not everyone joins in on the fun.

Voice Comm

You might notice that guild chat isn't that active, that's because most of us are using the guild Voice Comm, which is currently Mumble. Join us on there, we don't bite, and it's the best way to get to know your fellow guild members.

Guild Missions

We do weekly guild missions, it would be nice if you could join in on these guild activities. It shows our presence on a map, and is often a great way to recruit new members. I know there's a couple of you in the guild currently that were recruited this way.

With Heart of Thorns, some guild missions will take place in PVP and WvW. If you want the rewards for the WvW one, you will need to be on Sorrow's Furnace as your home server.

WvW and Dungeons/Fractals

We like to do WvW about once a week as a scheduled event. You need to be from Sorrow's Furnace to join us.

We also do run Dungeons and Fractals. Ask in guild chat or on mumble for people to join your group.

Guild Meetings Twice a Month

Every First and Third Sunday of the Month, we will be hosting Guild Meetings in Mumble. The reason behind this is that the guild is growing and I feel that we don't always have a place or time to talk about stuff concerning the guild, and its players.

Here's the topic I would like to tackle every week:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recap Raid runs (maybe?)
  • Let guild members bring up stuff.
    • Need help with Something?
    • Want to do certain Dungeons/Fractals
    • Need something from the guild Bank/Hall?
  • Just talk between us all :)

Click to read the rules and Guidelines

Now with a growing guild, comes growing pains. So I think it's about time we set some rules and guidelines to follow

Guild Rules and Guidelines
  • Be friendly to each other.
  • Be respectful of each other.
  • Help new members out.
  • Don't be a jerk, the guild varies in age from mid-teens up to our 60s. So think about that before saying something that might upset some.
    • We do have a good sense of humour, and love a good laugh, just don't be a jerk
  • If you have a grudge against someone, we're all adult, handle it through whispers in game, or a private room in mumble. Don't get everyone involved.
  • If something can't be settled between members, contact the leader or an officer of the guild.
  • 3 strikes policy, I don't want drama in the guild

A couple of you wanted guild progression, meaning progression as a person through the guild. I've talked with the guild officers and we came up with something that looks a lot like this, by clicking on the link, you'll see the description of each rank.

Leader - Officer - Veteran - Senior Member - Member - New Member - Unregistered - Guild Missions - Alliance (if you're not in the guild this link won't work)

If you are in a rank, which you don't feel is where you should be, let me know in-game or through a private message on the website.

Reprensentation and Activity

  • We don't have a representation rule, but if you do not partake in activities, you will eventually get kicked.
  • If you haven't been in game for more than 2 months, I will send you an in-game mail due to inactivity, and kick you out. If you ever start back playing, you just need to reply to that email.

With this, I hope we can continue to grow as a community.