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Edgar Doiron / Jun 07, 2016 / NEWS
Alright it's been a while since I've done a post on the website, sorry about that. So what's new in GW2?

Mordremoth is dead, and extra magic flowed through the ley-line. The other dragon minions are attracted by it.

We've learned through Spirit Vale and Salvation Pass that the White mantle might not be as dead as we expected. There might still even be a Mursaat alive. So the Bandits have been exchanging orders secretly, planning in the shadows. It's our job to figure out what's going down.

The Consortium, the Priory and the Inquest are gaining personal interest in the ley-line energy that overflowing around Tyria.
Edgar Doiron / Apr 29, 2016 / NEWS

Arenanet released a poll for the community to vote on the next features they want for WvW. There's two choices.

WvW Quality of Life Improvements
  • Add an option for reduced nameplate clutter.
  • Add cross-map team chat.
  • Add objective-summary tool tips.
  • Add a display effect for Righteous Indignation on map markers.
  • Add floating indicators when gaining points toward war score.
  • Add a WXP-gain sparkle trail.
  • Add a territory-control map overlay.
  • Take suggestions from the community!

WvW Scoring Improvements
  • Reduce the impact of night capping.
  • Lessen the gap between winning scores and losing scores so losing teams can still recover.
  • Adjust objective score relative to upgrade level.
  • Adjust score for capturing objectives.
  • Rebalance the score awarded for activities that don't reward points per tick.
  • Take suggestions from the community!

For me personally, I do think the scoring improvements are more worth their focus in the long run and to breath more life in Wvw. The QOL improvements, most of it can be found using different websites that use the API.

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