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Edgar Doiron / Feb 22, 2016 / NEWS
Hello Guildies!

Time for another guild update.

PVP League are starting again this week, and I would like to run a 5 man team a couple of times a week (3-4). We are currently missing 1 player. WILL YOU BE THE ONE?
  1. Edgar Doiron
  2. Drakril
  3. Marco
  4. Jeff
  5. This could be you!

Guild Upgrades and Treasury
In the next few weeks I'll try to get a list of recent Donations up and running on the website. And also a list of the currently required items for our guild upgrades.

But in the mean time, here is what's required :
  • Elder Wood Planks (donate directly)
  • Mithril Ingots (donate directly)
  • Flax Seed (send to Edgar via mail)
  • Everyone needs to buy 4x Elonian Wine from Melani near the mystic forge (donate directly)
  • Everyone needs to donate 5x Mystic Coins (donate directly)

Here's a big overview of our current updates

Our current focus is upgrading the War Room and the Workshop.

I've started our Exploration event, which you'll find on our calendar on Thursdays.
Edgar Doiron / Jan 12, 2016 / NEWS
ANET just posted their State of the game post for early 2016

Is there TL;DR version

January 26th
  • Gliding in central Tyria
  • Revamped Shatterer
  • Fractals QOL (changing level inside fractal hub)
  • Event credit from playing Support Role
  • Squad QOL(Lieutenant and markers)
  • First wave of WvW changes
  • New Stronghold Champion - Tybalt Leftpaw
  • Brew of the month club
  • New Boss Decorations
  • New options/bind keys
  • Balance Update
  • Lunar New Year Event - Till February 9th

1-2 Months away
  • New Raid Wing - Salvation Pass
  • PVP League season 2 - February 23rd
  • PVP League Season 1 Finals

Long Term(2+months)
  • Living World Season 3
  • New Fractals, Fractals Backpiece, Fractals Leaderboard, New Rewards
  • WvW Revamp

We'll get more details for all of these as they get closer to releasing the content.
Edgar Doiron / Nov 24, 2015 / NEWS

The weekly ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League have started, and they're going to be every Monday. The day of these events, when you're in PVP you get the Greater Call of the Mist:

Earn increased rewards in PvP during community events!
  • +15% PvP Rank Points
  • +25% Reward Track Progress
  • +200% Magic Find (PvP Only)
So to take advantage of this, we will be moving our PVP Night/Guild Missions from Sunday to Monday.

WvW Night/Guild Missions will be Sunday.

For the remainder of the week, we will be working on the PVP Missions whenever we can get at least 3 in PVP to form a guild team. This upcoming Sunday we will be starting with WvW Night.
Edgar Doiron / Nov 10, 2015 / NEWS

The first wing of the Raid will be opening on November 17th (in 7 days). We will be entering the Spirit Vale, the first 10 man raid for Guild Wars 2.

A Pact squad has gone missing in northern Maguuma, and you and your allies are their only hope for recovery. But the deadly forest isn’t the only risk to the rescue operation—the area holds dark secrets and strange magic.

Squad UI
The new Squad UI will also be available, letting us build groups of up to 50 players, this will be especially great for WvW :)

Living World Raid Post

Blog Post on Raid Reward

Signup for the FORD Raid Event