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PVP Leagues, Visual Noise Reduced, Guild Rush QOL and more

Edgar Doiron / Dec 01, 2015 / PATCH
First we have the patch notes for today

Here's some of the interesting stuff from it.

  • Heavy supply bags now have a chance to drop in WvW maps.
  • Verdant Brink and Tangled Depths have got their Rewards buffed.
  • A Lot of skills have gotten their visual noise reduced. Some skill even got new animations.
  • Added an admin list to custom-arena customization.
  • PVP Leagues and Guild Leagues are going live at 3pm EST / 12pm PST today.
  • An NPC has been added to the end of guild rushes that allows guild members, with permission, to end the mission early, and grants them favor before the timer runs out.
  • New Items in the gemstore


Merciless weapons Gallery

Fractals changes didn't come out with this patch.

And the best part for last


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