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A Very Merry Wintersday

Edgar Doiron / Dec 16, 2014 / PATCH

Wintersday is hosted in Divinity's Reach this year, due to the way Lion's Arch lies in ruins.

Toymaker Tyxx is back with his Wondrous Workshop. You'll be able to participate in the tower defense like event inside it.

Grawnk has stolen ornaments from the children’s orphanage in Divinity’s Reach, and it’s up to you to track down all of the missing ornaments.

Wintersday Gift Tree is the reward for getting all the ornaments. The tree will grant you gifts year round in your home instance.

The star on top of the tree, Star of Gratitude.
Double-click to offer 50 empyreal fragments to the Star of Gratitude and receive a gift. The star can take a limited number of fragments each day.

The rest of the release page can be seen here.


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