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[June 8 2015] WVW Meeting Recap

by Edgar Doiron on Jun 09, 2015 at 08:56 AM}
Meeting Notes

Server Meeting 6/8/2015

Class and Tactics Training Recap (Sunday, June 7)
  • Two groups of five with one commander per group.
  • Felt like a group following commanders order.
  • Simulated group fights that you would encounter in WvW.
  • Overall, everything went well.
11pm EST(8pm PST) every Sunday unless stated otherwise.

Commander and Tactics Training

Nothing is set yet, but it’d be good to do. (Ask Khold & Aurora & Quag)

WvW Talk

Was asked to team up with IoJ against FC.
Majority vote says no, conflict will happen.

Ferguson’s Crossing is just a DR 2.0, they’re just for bags.



Did IoJ ask again or is that just the one that asked me Friday?
that one, yes

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