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Server Meeting 2015-05-18

by Edgar Doiron on May 19, 2015 at 11:37 AM}
Big turnout last night! The meeting was postponed later than usual, 11pm instead of 10pm, to accommodate the Spanish guilds, but commander commander wasn't notified about this.

So about 5 minutes in the meeting, he pops up and he's like "Oh did the meeting changes? They're still at 10 on the website" and just before he entered the guys from [HT] linked a google docs with a list of stuff to tackle during this meeting.

Something I think we should've done a long time ago. But yeah, so commander commander, does like he always do, brings the meeting to shit. Just talks about what guild is where and shit, and complains he didn't get the notice of the time change for the meeting (Most don't like him :P).

Then he's like, alright I have a guild event and have to go... So he made us lose our first 15 minutes of meeting. Back to following the google Doc listing.

So We talked about what we would like to see from meetings, and what we think is missing in WvW.
We've setup a google docs folder, which will have a document for every server meeting, available before the meetings and to everyone with this link. We can bring up stuff to the agenda so it's discussed at the meeting.

Last night, we talked a bit about language barriers, since we have a lot of Spanish guilds. We came to the conclusion that map chat is probably the best way to communicate between Spanish and English, since they did say that they had no problem with written english. It's just speaking it that's a problem :)

Then it was brought to our attention that there seems to be an influx of players in WvW, lots of them who are new to the game and/or game type. So we talked about having WvW training at least once a week, led by the different commanders of SF. Nothing really big, really for the noobs. Stuff like
  • Following Commanders
  • Carrying Siege Disablers
  • Carrying AC blueprints
  • Explaining the Tag colors
  • Siege Refreshing
  • Reading chat, entering TS
  • Proper group reporting

All that stuff can be thought/shown to new players under 30 minutes, and with just this simple gesture, you can get someone hooked to WvW, compared to just wandering around mindlessly.

There was more specific training on the list, but we decided to push it to the next meeting, where we'll talk about Noob training and more specific training. And how we split the load of running these events.

Bookmark this link, so you can see what's upcoming for the next meetings


best part was how fast they edited the document when he showed up lol

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