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Last Server Meeting

by Ryazz on May 13, 2015 at 09:16 AM}
Hey guys, I know Ive been a little AFK the last two weeks but I plan on ramping it up this weekend. Anywho, I think I traced the computer issues to an exposed wire on my headset that was shorting out the whole system. The local computer technicians saw no issue with my system so that must have been it. I'll be getting a new headset this Friday, any suggestions would be nice ($50-$75)

This past server meeting was aimed at ensuring that all the main guilds aren't raiding on the same night, essentially trying to spread the coverage amongst all days of the week. By the sounds of it MOA has a new Commander who is covering OCX time which should help out. Also, they were hoping to get all the Spanish guilds on the same page and running as a separate Zerg on reset night.

From a siege placement perspective, all they suggested is that after we flip a tower that Sup AC's are built so that it is easily defended if need be.

That's about it for now.


here you go

Best price out there, and it's what me, Marco and Jeff use.
ya I agree with Edgar. No regrets getting those headphones.

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