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Hello Everyone,

Below is a list of guild guides for PvE Raids. I take no credit for its creation other than this post. A guild named Quantify has put this together, its 95% identical to GW2 metabattle but easier to read, understand. Also has videos for mechanics for certain bosses. These guys have done 5 man raid runs and are a top guild for max DPS builds.

Few things to note:
* Build do not have to be 100% identical. Ex. lets say you have a slight diff sigil or rune, or even armor such as say running Assasin armor over say Berserker. If you need to create a second armor/weapon/trinket set just for Raids. Running non raid setups could result in a fail vs a win.
* Exotic armor is ok, ascended is preferred however trinkets MUST be ascended.
* DPS meter will be used again to ensure we are maximizing each opportunity. can be found here (LINK)

Team Composition:
Group 1: Healer
Group 2: Revenant & Chrono (Maximize boons)
Group 3: 7 DPS guys including 3 condition

Builds & Notes:
* Warrior - PS Warrior is best option over condi Warrior due to Necro being best option for conditions. 1 PS specifically for Might with Phalanx Strength.

* Guardian - Scepter build is max DPS

* Revenant - Almost a must to have 1, not just for DPS but boon sharing combo with the utility Chronomancer

* Theif - Staff Daredevil is one of the highest overal DPS for Raid

* Ranger - Aside from Necro (with epidemic), the condi Ranger has higheset overal condition DPS. Other good option is the Magi Healer however comp only needs 1

* Engineer - Condi Engineer is the only viable one. But that being said Necro condi and ranger condi are more viable options for max condi DPS

* Elementalist - Staff tempest (both fire and Fresh Air) as well as D/W tempest are some of the highest DPS builds for Raids

* Mesmer - Amazing tank option for 2 reasons, its survivability options from boss as well as utility it provides with quickness, boon sharing, in conjunction with revenant.

Necromancer - Condi reaper, end of story. with Epidemic is solid

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