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Hello Ford Members,

This is a brief introduction to Fractals. As a guild we have a select few members who are able to do high level fractals. I feel we have some newer members or members who are inexperienced to fractals who want to participate but are unable to because they don't' feel they have the requirements or are afraid to perform them.

My goal is to educate you in what is required, invite you to participate and join the fun of Fractals.

What is Fractals?
Fractals of the Mists is a special type of dungeon that consists of a mini-dungeon(compared to normal dungeons) called fractals, where each fractal has its own story and environment and even its own mechanics. There are a variety of types, difficulty and instabilities which i'll explain more below.

What is the difficulty of Fractals?
Fractals range from difficulty level of 1-100. They introduce 2 types of mechanics. The first one starts @ level 20 which introduces a condition called Agony. Agony scaled up from level 20 to 100 and what it does is removes health every second. This is something that cannot be cleared. The second mechanic is called Mistlock Instability which starting at level 31 adds a mechanic effect to each fractal tier (see picture below) that makes it difficult. For example, the level 71 - 80 fractals will remove your boons when you dodge roll and enemies apply random conditions. Of course as you increase the level the difficult also scaled in terms of damage output and intake from mobs / bosses.

If Agony hurts and increases in damage how do we adapt to that?
As mentioned above Agony starts at level 20 and scales higher in damage every 10 levels at 20, 30, 40, and so on till level 100. What you can use is something called Agony Resistance which is an attribute that increases the resistance against agony. Even with max agony resistance the damage will still be trigger on you however at a low rate of 1%. so Example, if you do level 50 Fractal and have 45 AR you'll take 20% health loss per tick, however if you had 60AR your only taking 2% per tick. First chart below shows how much damage as a percentage agony does for each level of fractal and how much agony resistance (on left side) is required to reduce the damage. Second chart shows recommended AR per level.

How do you obtain agony resistance?
The easiest way to get agony resistance is with an item called Versatile Simple Infusion which gives you +5 agony resistance and can be purchased from a vendor named BUY-4373 inside the fractal for 75 fractal relics. Agony resistance can be placed on ascended armor, ascended weapons, ascended back items, ascended rings, ascended amulets, ascended accessories. There is the option for agony infusions as well as attuned items that can be placed on certain infused ascended items however we'll save that for another time. So if you have 2 ascended rings, 2 ascended accessories and 1 ascended amulet and you put +5 on each that gives you 25 agony resistance. This will allow you to up to level 39 fractal with only taking 2% agony damage.

Easiest way to get ascended rings is by doing low level fractals. You can earn using pristine fractal relics which is a reward you can get from fractal chests. With 10 pristine fractal relics you can purchase an ascended ring from a vendor in fractals called BUY-2046 PFR. To get ascended accessories you can use guild commendations (from doing guild missions) to purchase them. Ascended Amulet can be purchased from a Laurel Vendor with Laurels.

My goal is to have some more experienced players run some more 1-20 fractals to help get more members to achieve more experience, fractal relics, pristine fractal relics, and eventually more agony resistance to do higher level Fractals.

Currently I have 130 Agony Resistance which will allow me to easily do up to level 99 Fractal with only taking 3% health damage per tick. My next post i'll be explaining how I obtained that as Fractals has added some new recipes, potions, attunements in which we can look at how it helps you. As well as the benefits of leveling your Tyria Fractal Mastery to increase your AR and get better Fractal rewards.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here or in game.

Some of your Fractal Guru's include:
and yours truly, Me :B :)
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