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#9913344 Aug 22, 2014 at 01:22 PM
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Rate this episode, and give us your Pro/Con
#9913369 Aug 22, 2014 at 01:31 PM
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  • Amazing first part at the Party with Kasmeer
  • Loveable characters and awesome interaction(Anise and Canach)
  • The Summit, the reveal, and the cliffhanger
  • How they gave lots of personality to Taimi, and her being vulnerable

  • I have nothing this episode

I must say that the first part of this episode, at the party to clear Jennah's name, it was a wonderfully crafted instance, no combat, just lots and lots of character interaction. It just proves they're able to do awesome stuff without involving combat.

To tell you the truth, I felt more involved in that instance, than anything else in the game. Just how everyone started reacting when you got close to them, and that their discussions would change pretty much everytime you passed by. Truly Truly amazing!.

The second and third part really added to Taimi's character imo, She's really confident and seems tough when she's with her Golem scruffy. But what we saw in the third part was, how vulnerable she is without scruffy. I actually felt bad for her here.

What can I say about the 4th part, I love how the herald announced every "party" coming through the asura gate, felt like you were at a castle and someone announced who was coming to see her majesty.

We saw Mordremoth's Champion, and also we now know it's what we fight against in the dream of dream when we create a new character. Is the Pale Tree alright? Anise wants Canach to spy on the Pact? So many mysteries left for us to find out in the upcoming episode.

And that Cinematic! crazy!!
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