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#9814077 Jul 30, 2014 at 11:17 AM
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Rate this episode, and give us your Pro/Con
#9814155 Jul 30, 2014 at 11:35 AM
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  • Open Map Story Content
  • Rytlock being a badass
  • Some nice nods to the old Lore about Sohothin and Magdaer, with added lore on top of it (The crown)

  • Felt like a filler episode
  • Open Map story content

So although this part still had about the same amount of content from the other two episodes, it felt like an episode only there to setup the next episode.

Gathering everyone for the summit, so that next episode that can take place. But I'd have to say, the Rytlock story arc was pretty epic and badass. The fight against Barradin was really well done.

I really liked how they merged the story with existing events in the open world. It worked really well (for me). But it could also ruin the experience.

You see, if you're there at the beginning of the event, that's fine, you go through it and finish it, getting the item for your story. But if you came in late, or just when the event ended, you still get the reward, missing out on all the action to get to that point.

It happened to me once, during one of the piece for the crown, I arrived, and could grab the crown piece because the event just ended. But I do think that the pro for this kind of content is bigger than the con. I really enjoyed going back to old zones and working through these events.
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