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Guild Name: Forgeman Destroyers
Guild Tag: [FORD]
Server: Sorrow's Furnace
Voice Comm: Mumble

   Forgeman Destroyers have been around since the beta days of Guildwars 2, we've been growing our numbers ever since. Merging smaller guilds with us, creating Alliances with bigger guilds. Although still considered fairly small, we are like a family, everyone is close and helpful. Join us on mumble, and come talk a bit with us, that's the best way to see if this guild will "click" with you.

We do PVE, Dungeons, Fractals, WvW, some PVP, and love talking about story and lore. If this is the type of stuff you like to do, this guild is for you.

Most of us have families, so we're usually on at around 9 pm EST
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