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#9458235 May 02, 2014 at 12:39 PM
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Wooden potatoes had a video up recently, talking about the next living story and when it could start. His prediction was Dragon Bash.

It makes sense, since everyone in Tyria heard the roar of the dragon, what better way to pump up the soldiers than Dragon Bash. Then it got me thinking.

If the release schedule doesn't change due to the break they're currently taking, we would've had a patch day this week. So here's what it would look like for the next few weeks.

May 6th - Usual patch Preview
May 13th - Patch Day
May 20th - Usual Patch Preview
May 27th - Patch Day
May 30th - WvW spring tournament Ends
June 3rd - Usual Patch Preview
June 10th - Patch Day
June 17th - Usual Patch Preview
June 24th - Patch Day

So this is what the schedule would look like. Currently we have the WvW Spring tournament going on till May 30th, I don't think they'll release anything till then, unless we're lucky and we get SAB for a month from May 13th till June 9th.

Last year, the Dragon Bash was on June 11th, so that June 10th Patch day looks like the perfect candidate for it this year. The patch preview for it would land after the end of WvW Spring Tournament, so even better.

We all know that Belinda Delaqua(Marjory's Seraph sister) is gone to investigate Brisban Wildlands for a group of Black Market traders headquartered there.

So here's my prediction, June 10th we start Dragon Bash, Where will it be held now that LA is gone? I don't know. But wherever it will be, there's going to be the B-Team(Jory, Kas, Braham, Taimy, Rox) and probably some troop from the Pact. The Dragon Bash festivities will be in full fledge. Then on June 24th, there will be something wrong in Brisban, and Belinda will make her way to the Dragon Bash festival to warn her sister and the Pact.

The living story Season 2 will start like that.
#9458986 May 02, 2014 at 03:48 PM
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am hoping for Dragon Bash and Zephyr Sanctum; even for my gross dislike of jumping puzzle things, ZS was pretty fun.

But where would they put Dragon Bash? As you said, Lions Arch is gone. Probably one of the other racial cities. /shrug
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