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PVE Guild Missions

Date: Mar 28, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 10:00 PM
Posted by: Edgar Doiron
Category: PVE Guild Missions
Waypoints to the different objectives for Guild missions night.

Puzzles (3 possibles):
Note that each has their 'own' waypoint but since this is only accessible when the puzzle is active, I'm entering the nearest 'normal' waypoint. Note that the waypoint for Langmar's Estate can become contested as part of an event chain, so I've put in the TWO closest waypoints for that one....
  1. Angvar's Trove: Scholar's Cleft Waypoint [&BLcAAAA=] NW Corner of Snowden Drifts.
  2. Proxemics Lab: Gallowfield's Waypoint [&BGMAAAA=] NW Corner of Brisban Wildlands.
  3. Langmar Estate: Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint [&BJgDAAA=] and Vir's Gate Waypoint [&BH8BAAA=] SW Corner of Plains of Ashford.

Challenges (6 possibles):
  1. Blightwater Shatterstrike: Tumok's Waypoint [&BPsBAAA=]
  2. Branded for Termination: Helliot Mine Waypoint [&BEsBAAA=]
  3. Deep Trouble: Irwin Isle Waypoint [&BNICAAA=]
  4. Save Our Supplies: Viper's Run Waypoint [&BOoBAAA=]
  5. Scratch Sentry Defense: Stromkarl Waypoint [&BEYEAAA=]
  6. Southsun Crab Toss: Lion Point Waypoint [&BNAGAAA=] (Better than Kiel's Outpost because that one can be contested)

Rushes (7 possibles):
  1. Bear Lope: Durmand Priory Waypoint [&BOkAAAA=]
  2. Chicken Run: Fangfury Watch Waypoint [&BEwBAAA=]
  3. Crab Scuttle: Lion Point Waypoint [&BNAGAAA=] (Better than Kiel's Outpost because that one can be contested)
  4. Devourer Burrow: Manbane's Waypoint [&BMkDAAA=]
  5. Ghost Wolf Run: Faun's Waypoint [&BKUAAAA=]
  6. Quaggan Paddle: Twoloop Waypoint [&BIACAAA=]
  7. Spider Scurry: Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint [&BF0CAAA=]


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