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Tips And Tricks

[Pinned] Ebonhawke 20 books hidden Achievement

Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 5Book 6Book 7Book 8Book 9Book 10Book 11Book 12Book 13Book 14Book 15Book 16Book 17Book 18Book 19Book 20-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There's a...
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Tips And Tricks

Useful PvP Info

Reddit post with collection of useful PvP related linksPvP Info
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Asalphagus (Jeff)0203Small Asalphagus (Jeff) 1y
Tips And Tricks

Mawdry Wiki Article

In case anyone missed it, someone named Psycho Robot redid the wiki article for making Mawdry. Lots more info that I would assume makes it easier to complete.Mawdrey Wiki ArticleSo, if you're like me and haven't gotten around to it yet, maybe thi...
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Tips And Tricks

Carapace and Luminescent Armor

Here's a post I found on reddit that summarizes just about everything you might want to know about getting the Carapace and Luminescent Armor.Bioluminescence Collection Guide
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Tips And Tricks

BruteByte WvW info

Hailo,This is a post about web site. I just found it today and am curious if others are familiar with the site.WvW has been so dead the past few days on SF that I started looking for a reason. I found a post that mentione...
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Tips And Tricks

Key Farming After 2014-09-09

New low level experience changed a lot. Now you:Need:Reach level 10 before starting the quest line. Possible to do easily by reaching 180~190 crafting (yes, 8 levels from below 200 craft thanks to lowered xp curve on levels below 15). Cheapest and...
Small Edgar Doiron 2y
Edgar Doiron6509Small Edgar Doiron 2y
Tips And Tricks

Mouse Pointer

I'm trying to improve some of my playing abilities and I've noticed more here lately that my mouse cursor/pointer disappears when I press either left click or right click. Makes it hard to tell where mouse pointer is for ground targeting weapons ...
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Tips And Tricks

Agony Resistance Chart

Google Docs with damage taken vs agony resistance at the different fractals level.
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Edgar Doiron1192Small Edgar Doiron 3y
Tips And Tricks

Share your keybindings

1-5 => unchangedF1 => QF2 => EF3 => RF4 => mouse wheel click6 => forward button on mouse7 => shift+ forward mouse button8 => shift + back mouse button9 => shift + mouse wheel click0 => unchanged (usually click the eli...
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